10L Pre-commercial prototype design

MFC4Sludge partners have been working hard together and have just produced the preliminary design of the 10 L MFC based prototype to be deployed at GURAK facilities as base for the demonstration activities. This novel pre-commercial prototype will encompass a anaerobic digester of around 250L and a 10L MFC. Results from previous WPs have been used for the design of each subunit and for the development of the control strategies. Next steps are the production of Process Flow Diagrams, PI&D, and heat and mass balances in order to pave the way for its construction.

Moreover, GURAK has already selected the location for the prototype, which will be fed directly from their sludge storage tank in order to study the proposed solution performance under real operating environment. The information to be produced will be very valuable in order to validate project concept and to assess process suitability for sludge management when integrated in a real Wastewater Treatment Plant (where disturbances due to changes in weather, population consumption, etc can affect and vary sludge composition and availability).