RTDs attend EU-ISMET 2014 in Madrid

The three RTD performers from the project, namely Fraunhofer IGB, LEITAT and IDENER attended last week to the EU-ISMET 2014 meeting in Alcal√° de Henares, Madrid (Spain). The three abstracts that were sent before summer were accepted for an oral presentation (DEVELOPMENT OF ON-SITE POWER GENERATION MODULAR SYSTEM FOR WASTEWATER SLUDGE VALORISATION USING A COMBINATION OF PARTIAL ANAEROBIC DIGESTION AND MICROBIAL FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGIES, carried out by Marta Macias Aragones, from IDENER) and two posters (AIR-CATHODE MFCS TO RECOVER ENERGY FROM VOLATILE FATTY ACIDS FROM AN EFFLUENT OF A HYDROLYTIC-ACIDOGENIC ANAEROBIC DIGESTER OF WASTEWATER SLUDGE and A DYNAMIC 2D MATHEMATICAL MODEL FOR TUBULAR-AIR CATHODE MICROBIAL FUEL CELLS USING CONDUCTION-BASED APPROACH FOR ELECTRONS TRANSFER TO THE BIOFILM AND VOLATILE FATTY ACIDS AS SUBSTRATE). The event gathered the most important researchers in the electrochemistry area and provided the chance of attending oral presentations from Bruce E. Logan or Korneel Rabaey as an example of the trend activities in this field. This way an excellent opportunity for gathering new ideas, exchange technical information and disseminate project results took place.