MFC4Sludge is one year old!

The project is now one year old! During these twelve months all the partners have worked together in order to carry out the envisaged R&D tasks. Currently, WP1, 2 and 3, mostly devoted to basic research for each process area (anaerobic digestion, microbial fuell cell and control and automation, respectively) have finished and all the effort is being placed in the upcoming lab-scale prototype to be installed in LEITAT facilities as well as in the design of the prototype to be further deployed at GURAK wastewater treatment plant.

Main results obtained during this first year are:

– Partial anaerobic digestion as great pre-treatment for MFC influent (increases carbon-content in substrate) when using 30ºC and 4,5 days as HRT

– Acetate as VFA providing best MFC performance. New air-cathode design for microbial fuel cells

– Fuzzy logic control as an advance and innovative control strategy for MFC. MFC 2D mathematical model produced and under validation (poster PO-63, System and architecture in MET)